Our Services

Three Hots and A Cot offers an array of services to the men and women in the program as well as other veterans in need.
Some veterans just need a quick pick up, shirt, and a shower; however, others need more support and time to figure out their next steps.
Whatever the need, we are here for them.



Every veteran gets a transitional home. This includes a bed of their own. We do not restrict out services to a single night of help, we aim to help fully transition a homeless veteran back into civilian society. A safe place to sleep is important.


It’s in the name, Three Hots and a Cot. All veterans get three warm meals to make sure they have the right amount of nutrition and a full belly to achieve the ultimate goal to become independent.


Clean water and soap are in every home. Hygiene is important and necessary to reclaim their independence. All of our homes are fully equipped with proper plumbing and hygiene care for all men and woman.


Laundry Services

Clean clothes are supplied to every veteran. These either come from as new purchases or donations.


There is a lot of transportation required when housing veterans in new. A few of these services are trips to the VA Hospital, addiction services, mental and physical rehab, job interviews, jobs, and more.

Job Hunting

As mentioned earlier, Job hunting is something we inspire all capable veterans in doing. Rebuilding their career and finding them suitable industries grants them the income and stability they will need as they transition into an independent life.


Group Support Meetings

Getting veterans in touch with individuals with similar obstacles and professionals to help guide them is a necessary part in recovery and become stable enough to be independent.

24/7 On Site Staff

All of our Community Homes have a House Manager on site 24/7 to help with home maintenance, conflict resolution, meal preparation, and all care needs. Our Independent Housing, a transitional step where Veterans move into a Home with room mates, also have access to on call help and assistance 24/7.

And So Much More..

There are so many plans, practices, and professionals in use to fully rehabilitate and help homeless veterans in need. Feel free to Contact Us to ask any additional questions about something that might not be listed. We will continue to update everyone as our services expand.