How to Choose Accessories for Your Baby Girl

When it comes to your little one, choosing the perfect accessories that suits them and are also appropriate could be quite tricky and hectic. But it doesn’t have to be. There are different types and styles of Baby Girl Accessories available and you just have to know where and how to look. There are ways you can approach shopping for accessories for your baby girl. When it comes to your baby girl, the type of accessory you choose depends on the age of your child. As an infant they would need a different set of accessories from when they are toddlers and tweens and then of course when they are teenagers. And there are some accessories that can be used in different stages and stay with the child for a long time, However, more often than not, you have to buy new types and styles of accessories as your child grows. Before we dive into the different types of accessories, let’s talk about what you need to look out for when you are buying one. These specifics transcend age or style and should be met if you want something that’s of high quality.



Depending on the accessory you are getting, you have to be very watchful of the features it has. If you are getting something like a backpack, then this is very important. Good features will prevent early damage or wear and tear. Good features also mean the accessories will be more comfortable to use and more convenient. For example, a good backpack should have solid zips, enough pockets and strong and wide straps so they can rest on the shoulder without causing slouching.



With accessories, color is usually one of the main standout features. Actually sometimes color can be an accessory in itself. If you get a headband for example in a bright color like yellow or red or in a  trendy color like mustard, it elevates whatever outfit it's combined with and draws attention. For a toddler this is a good thing as they love colors and a toddler in beautiful colors is never a sour site.

Now that we’ve talked about features, let’s talk about the different types of accessories you can get for a girl child

Baby Headbands

Baby headband are classic that usually never go wrong. They are a sure and easy way to accessorize or style a baby’s outfit. Because babies should wear clothing with minimal design baby headbands give parents an extra option to add some personality, style, and color to their outfit. Baby Headbands with Bows are a great option as they are always so cute and will cause your baby to light up any room they walk into and light up faces. You can’t go wrong with a bow on a baby. Now depending on the age of your baby girl, you might need to get a different type of bow for different ages. For example for infant, you have:


  • Infant Headbands
    Infant headbands are made specifically for newborn babies. This is because newborn babies have fragile heads and sensitive skin so extra care and thought is put into making these headbands. They are soft, easy to out on and take off and they are made with good materials that wouldn’t irritate the baby’s skin.


  • Flower Headbands
    Flower headbands can come in different styles like chiffon as mentioned above but you can also get actual flower headbands. These headbands are made to look exactly like flowers, like roses, sunflowers, orchids etc. Flower headbands are a perfect choice for little girls. They come in various satin, chiffon and ribbon flowers along with their combinations which ensure a diverse look and feel. They are also a great choice for spring which is coming upon us soon. Pair it with a beautiful dress for the garden party or weekly barbecue and have your kids light up the whole party.


  • Sequin Headbands
    Sequin is a good way to add shimmer and shine to your baby’s outfit. There are lots of headbands that come with embellishments and shiny beaded decorations. You can also find them in crown motifs and ribbon bows which look beautiful with small sequins lines. This is a great choice if you want a fancy look like for a wedding or a birthday party or for the family thanksgiving dinner or christmas photoshoot.


Another way to accessorize your newborn is with their bibs. Baby bibs are an accessory as well as a necessity as you need them when feeding a baby to prevent stains from spit-ups, snacks, juice boxes etc. But bibs don’t have to be boring as you can now get trendy bandana bibs that are both fashion-forward and functional or get cute bibs in colours that pop or with cute saying like “lil captain” or “mum’s favourite”. You can also get bips with cute cartoon drawings. Bibs help keep your baby’s clothes clean and dry from drooling. Companies now make them in the most colorful and interactive designs that make a statement on their own. Designed with cartoon characters, cute and clever sayings and even some in 3D unique designs.



Shoes are another accessory that are also a necessity. Depending on the type of shoe, it could be what pulls the whole outfit together or it could stand out as the unique piece. Before buying a shoe for your baby or toddler, you must also confirm the comfort level of the heel inside the shoe. The heel should rest inside the shoe comfortably and it should not be pressed violently by the shoe’s interiors. And before you say “running shoes or sports shoes don’t have heels” yes they do, but they are made differently and are internal. When deciding a running shoe for your child, make sure that the shoes have a cushioned padding to support the heel. The heel should have some breathing space inside the shoes but they should not move too much. Excess movement of heels inside the shoes can cause damage and expose the feet to injuries. The ball of the foot should fit well inside the shoe’s widest part.


In conclusion, it pays to mention that getting the right accessories for your baby is not exactly the top priorities as a parent of a newborn or a toddler. There a plethora other things that take priority. Choosing the right accessory comes in at the tail end of the list when you have other things settled, like their feeding, their health, they sleep schedule etc. If you have doubts about anything regarding your child, ask your doctor and also read up in so research from trusted sites like the American Pediatric Association.