Editorial Guidelines

We take our work very seriously here at Retro Gazing… even when we’re talking about films that are NOT serious. We’re striving to be your number one news source for all things nostalgic entertainment and will consistently create high-quality material.

Any external link that you click will direct you to a safe, related article that we feel is relevant. It won’t be some odd article that has nothing to do with what you were previously reading. We work hard to make sure that we stay true to ourselves and true to our readers in all aspects of our work.

The same obviously applies to any journalistic pieces or interviews we conduct. We abide by the SPJ Code of Ethics and work to tell stories accurately and effectively. If we ever make a mistake or need to clarify something, we will in our Corrections & Clarifications page.

Any writer, whether a full-time staff member or a collaborator, will follow these guidelines to benefit our readers.

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