‘Nothing Sacred’ (1937) Review: Starring Carole Lombard & Fredric March

Two greats combined their talents for this 1937 screwball comedy.

I love both Carole Lombard and Fredric March — but I, unfortunately, did not fall in love with Nothing Sacred after recently watching the 1937 screwball comedy. Which is quite weird, considering I do adore both lead actors in it! 

Nothing Sacred follows a down on his luck reporter (March) who, wanting to get back in the good graces of his boss, heads to Vermont to cover the story of a young woman (Lombard) who is dying from suspected radium poisoning. 

However, when she learns that she’s actually completely fine — and not dying — she decides to fake her illness to get a free trip to New York with the reporter. When the two fall for each other, the reporter believing she’s going to die any time now, complications ensue.

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Nothing Sacred (1937), Starring Carole Lombard and Fredric March: Review

Nothing Sacred (1937): Carole Lombard, Charles Winninger

Carole Lombard and Fredric March are both charming enough in this movie. There is no screwball comedy where Lombard isn’t charming and hysterical, after all.

However, I was still left wanting by the time this movie drew to an end. I’m not sure why — I just feel like it needed more. Something

What did I need? I’m not quite sure.

The story is fun enough, especially for a 1930s comedy, but I kind of feel that maybe a bit more ridiculous antics could’ve made this one a winner. Lombard is so good when she’s insane and out of this world — think My Man Godfrey — so maybe the movie could’ve benefited more from this approach.

March’s character could’ve also been a bit more annoyed that he’s in love with a girl who’s faking her own death. Take Cary Grant’s character in Bringing Up Baby: he’s not thrilled that he’s fallen in love with a crazy woman (a delightful Katharine Hepburn) at the beginning of the film, but he loves her nonetheless.

Maybe if March’s character was more in line with this type of thinking in Nothing Sacred, I wouldn’t have been left wanting more from the classic film.

But, alas, what is there to do about a movie made almost 100 years ago?

I may not have completely loved the movie, but considering it stars Lombard and March in their prime, I’m sure I’ll watch it over again and again whenever it airs on TCM! It was still enjoyable, if somewhat lacking.

The Bottom Line: Nothing Sacred is an enjoyable film for those who adore Lombard or March — but it’s definitely not the very best comedy either has done. 

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What Do You Think About Nothing Sacred?

Alrighty, now that I’ve talked about my opinion on Nothing Sacred, I want to hear from you. Am I completely off base? Hit the comments below with all your thoughts and opinions about this fun 1937 screwball comedy! I’d love to hear what you think! 

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