The Best Classic Christmas Songs: “The Secret of Christmas” by Ella Fitzgerald

One of the best Christmas songs to listen to!

“The Secret of Christmas” by Ella Fitzgerald is one of the very best classic Christmas songs of all time! This beautiful holiday song was written by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen for Bing Crosby. Crosby released the first version of this song in 1959. 

However, we just have to prefer Fitzgerald’s. It’s so good! Fitzgerald’s version was released on her excellent 1960 album Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas, possibly one of the best jazz Christmas albums to listen to! In our opinion, of course. 

Keep reading to learn more about “The Secret Christmas” by Ella Fitzgerald, including why we love it so much. Plus, listen to the song below! 

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The Best Classic Christmas Songs: “The Secret of Christmas” by Ella Fitzgerald

In “The Secret of Christmas” by Ella Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald sings about what the real secret of the holidays is. It’s not the feelings we have from the snow, from the gifts we send, or from the lovely songs we hear. 

Fitzgerald sings: 

So may I suggest, the secret of Christmas

It’s not the things you do

At Christmas time but the Christmas things you do

All year through

And that makes this song so beautiful. We absolutely love it! Interestingly, when compared to all the other classic Christmas songs, this song doesn’t have a lot of versions or covers. Secondhand Songs says that this song has only been covered about 28 times! 

In comparison, other great Christmas songs have been covered 100+ times. This is honestly a bit crazy to me, because “The Secret of Christmas” by Ella Fitzgerald has become one of my go-to Christmas songs ever since I first heard it. 

So, here’s to hoping that this beautiful song gets a bit more airplay and recognition in the years to come! 

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Listen and Comment

Go ahead and listen to “The Secret of Christmas” by Ella Fitzgerald. Then, hit the comments below. I want to know what you think! Respond below with all your thoughts and opinions, including whether you love this song as much as me! Or, what’s your favorite Fitzgerald Christmas song? 

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