“O Holy Night”: 8 Classic Versions

Fitzgerald, Crosby, Williams, and more!

“O Holy Night” has become an instant go-to for the Christmas holidays over the years. So many artists have covered this beautiful and chill-inducing song since its inception in 1843. This song was first written as a poem, in French, by Placide Cappeau. In 1847, composer Adolphe Adam put music to the lovely words. Meanwhile, John Sullivan Dwight wrote the English version by translating the original French poem — with a few changes. 

This classic carol has become a favorite for so many over the decades, which has allowed so many artists to in turn release their own versions. Below, we’ve ranked our 10 favorite classic versions (versions released before 1970!). 

“O Holy Night” is, in our opinion, perhaps one of the most beautiful songs ever written. We could sit here all day and talk about its very interesting and non-Christian origins, but instead, we’d just like to say this is a lovely song to listen to during the holidays, regardless of what you believe in! That’s the beauty of music, isn’t it? 

Anyways, enjoy our favorite versions below, and be sure to comment your own thoughts below! 

“O Holy Night”: 8 Classic Versions

1. Percy Faith & His Orchestra

Percy Faith & His Orchestra released their own version of “O Holy Night” in 1954, though we’re going to discuss the 1959 recorded version here. This version is all orchestral and instrumental, with a slight choir in the background. But goodness, is it one of the best versions around! 

Obviously, we love Percy Faith here. If you’ve never listened to this orchestra, go ahead and give “O Holy Night” a listen. Chills, in the best way possible. 

2. Perry Como

Perry Como released different recordings of “O Holy Night” throughout the years. Here, we’re going to discuss his 1968 version. Como’s version is so wonderful and indeed one of the best classic versions of this beautiful song. 

3. Nat King Cole

And now, for another great: Nat King Cole. Cole released his amazing version of “O Holy Night” on his 1960 album The Magic of Christmas. Cole’s voice is absolutely beautiful in his classic song — so it’s no wonder we love it so much! A great version! 

4. Bing Crosby

This list of the best versions of “O Holy Night” would not be complete without including Bing Crosby. Crosby was such a talent, and his Christmas songs are just on a next level than everyone else. To us, Crosby’s version may be the best version… in our opinion. But it really is hard to pick among all these great ones! 

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5. Andy Williams

Andy Williams’ version of “O Holy Night” is also a classic — and one of the best! Williams released his own version on his 1963 album The Andy Williams Christmas Classic. Williams’ version doesn’t stray too much from others here on this list, but it’s still great! 

6. The Miracles

If you’d like to listen to a different version of “O Holy Night” than all the rest, put on The Miracles’ wonderful rendition. It’s hard not to love what The Miracles did here! They released their own version on their 1963 album Christmas With The Miracles

7. Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald’s version of “O Holy Night” is also a classic and one of our very favorites. Fitzgerald’s version came about in 1967 on the album Ella Fitzgerald’s Christmas. Interestingly, it does feel as if Fitzgerald’s version is just slightly faster than, say, Crosby’s. It’s also quite short — but we love it! 

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8. Burl Ives

It doesn’t get better than a Burl Ives Christmas, does it? His version of “O Holy Night” is wonderful and we can’t get enough of it. He doesn’t belt the song out like so many do, but his version works just the way he does it! 

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