Our Mission.

Three Hots and A Cot will serve those who have served. We will provide a place for homeless veterans to receive the assistance they need to transition back to civilian society. Each veteran will be treated with the dignity and respect due to every member of our armed services. Without regard to race, creed, color, or religious background, any veteran who seeks our assistance will be afforded the opportunity our services offer.

Three Hots and A Cot - that is something every veteran gets while on active duty.
Along with normal pay and benefits, and along with the family separation and countless personal sacrifices each veteran makes, we always got “Three Hots and A Cot”.

Veterans without homes can be found on the streets of every major city and every state in our nation. From Washington DC to Richmond, Virginia. From Tampa, FL to Dallas, TX. From San Diego, CA to Chicago, IL. There is a need for our initiative in many locations.


The homeless population in Birmingham is currently at nearly 3,000. Of these approximately 800 are veterans, 5% of these are women. Many of these veterans are dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues. All face each day on the streets looking for a meal and a place to sleep in safety. There are limited beds available for the entire homeless population and the veterans receive no special treatment because they are veterans. 27% of these homeless are chronic homeless - over 12 months on the streets. The availability of services and treatment centers is a major obstacle in providing for the homeless population.

We Make a Difference.

Too many men and women who served for our country are living on the streets.
This is not a Democratic problem - this is not a Republican problem - this is an ongoing AMERICAN problem.

Promises have been made by politicians of both sides of the aisle in Washington. It is way past time to put the promises to bed and start delivering to the Vets who need our help - today.

Not next week, not next month - TODAY!